About Cupre

  • The First Summit for a Responsible Journalism is a regional and national citizen initiative in which several State entities participate. Its purpose is to make sure the communication and informational rights enshrined in the Ecuadorian Constitution approved by popular vote in 2008 are met. Given the regional interest of the event, UNASUR is also participating.

  • Promoting responsible journalism in society should be of interest to every Ecuadorian and its public and private institutions without any restriction. Only through responsible journalism we can comply with articles, like the 16 and 18, in our constitution.
  • Can anyone in the world oppose the encouragement of responsible journalism in a democratic society? It would be comparable to opposing the encouragement of ethic in medicine.
  • That is why in CUPRE, which marks a historical hit in Latin America, there will be over 26 speakers with different points of view about communication and journalism, who come from over 7 different countries, such as the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Ecuador, among others.

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